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Privacy Policy

Cloud Authoring Service for Universal Book: CAS-UB (hereafter written as "the Service") is provided by Antenna House, Inc.(hereafter written as "We".) We have designed this Privacy Policy to explain how we safeguard the privacy of our users.

1. Handling Personal Information

  • We fully understand the importance of protecting personal information and we will handle any such personal information in a manner that we believe is appropriate.
  • We will maintain appropriate safeguards to protect your personal information from improper disclosure or modification and from unauthorized access. In case these things happen, we will take prompt and appropriate corrective action.

2. Collecting Private Information

  • The user registration will be required for customers who use the Service. Or, when using the trial version of the Service, we may ask you to provide us the personal information including your full name, mailing address, e-mail address, and other information with your feedback.

3. Purpose of Use

  • The personal information we ask you may be used for providing users who is using or who is thinking of using the service or our products with the information regarding the service or products, or the plan of the product, improvement of the product and new services. It may not be used for the other purpose.

4. Discloser of Information

  • We may disclose the personal information either of the following cases:
    1. When users agree to disclose his/her personal information.
    2. When we are requested to cooperate with national or local authorities, or an individual or entity appointed by such authorities to enforce the law or carry out legal process

5. Direct Mail

  • We may mail or e-mail transit the information considered being useful, new services, new products, related products to registered customers who have purchase the Service or our products by the registered addresses or e-mail addresses.
  • We may mail or e-mail transit the information considered being useful to the e-mail addresses or mailing addresses registered on our Web page for entering the personal information or registered when we received the inquiries by phone. We do not send mail or e-mail when users offer that the direct mail is unnecessary.

6. Change / Deletion of Personal Information

  • When we are requested by a user to change or stop using his/her personal information, we will deal with such request without delay according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Please contact us at
  • We will need to verify the identity of the person making the request. Or the request is made by an agent; we will also need to verify the authority of the agent and verify the identity of the agent. All the expenses for the procedure of the proof concerning the person to make a request or the agent must be paid by the person to make a request or the agent.

7. Notes

  • We reserve the right to revise the content of Privacy Policy based on rational necessity according to changes of the product-sales system of our company, changes of the online technology, etc.
  • The content described in Private Policy is effective between customers and us and not applied to a third party.
  • We may make changes by establishing a new company, grouping of the existing company, changing the corporate name, etc. depending of the sales condition or our target change, etc.
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2012 First Edition